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Records & Information Management


Records & Information Management (RIM) provides a variety of training workshops for Curtin staff on managing information. These include, customised presentations to suit area specific records needs, as well as advice and support on a variety of records and information mangement topics.

If you would like us to present at a staff meeting or create a customised session for your staff, contact

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Creating and Keeping Information

This introductory module includes the following topics - what constitutes a record; the different types of records found at Curtin; how to determine what information needs to be kept; and the current ways to keep and organise information at Curtin. The module is the first in a two workshop series, but is also a standalone session. The module is particularly useful for new staff and staff looking for a refresher of their recordkeeping responsibilities

To book into a session, please log into Staff Portal and then iPerform. More information on how to book can be found here.

Sentencing, Retention and Disposal of Information

This module focuses on the process of determining how long a piece of information needs to be kept and the processes for putting information into long term storage or requesting its destruction. Please note that staff enrolling in this course are required to have a good understanding of the topics covered in the "Creating and Keeping Information" workshop. This course is designed for staff who will be archiving records.

To book into a session, please log into Staff Portal and then iPerform. More information on how to book can be found here.

Managing Your Email

The quantity of email and the ease with which it can be sent, received, duplicated, changed and deleted poses a number of challenges for us in our day to day work. This module is designed to help you identify easier and better ways to find, use, share and keep email. The session provides practical tips and ideas for dealing with your email from an information management point of view. Please note that this is not Microsoft Outlook training.

To book into a session, please log in to Staff Portal and then iPerform. More information on how to book can be found here.

Contracts and Agreements Register

The Contracts and Agreements Register is accessible by all Curtin staff. It provides an easy-to-use interface to allow staff to view key information about most Curtin contracts. The session provides an overview of the Contracts and Agreements Register with a demonstration of how to search for contracts, how to enter contract information into the Register and how to run reports. Please note that research contracts managed via the Office of Research and Development (ORD) continue to be entered into the SCRIPT database by ORD rather than entered into the centralised Contracts and Agreements Register. Other contracts not captured in the Register are scholarship and employment contracts.

Registering for training via iPerform

To register for a session please log into Staff Portal

If you are having trouble registering for the workshops, please contact Records & Information Management.